Max Reichardt is a California native and a lifelong fan of music, having listened nearly all his life and played for over half of it. His passion for writing rivals this passion for music, and this site is a synthesis of the two. He dabbles in guitar, piano, drums, singing, songwriting, and DAWs like Ableton.

In his second year of college he bought a used 4-channel controller from Guitar Center and tried his hand at DJing. For the next few years he played at parties for his friends and records mixes to this day under the moniker ‘UNCLE MAX’. Fantasies of playing clubs and festivals still remain, though. He has since begun recording original songs and uploading them as well. Find him on SoundCloud.

My Mission:

  • Give honest and interesting music reviews/criticisms and research backstories of chosen songs/albums.
  • Expose readers to new music and give them new perspective on older music.
  • Help people gain a different appreciation for the process behind writing, performing, producing songs, and for the artists themselves as human beings.
  • Help us reconsider our motivations for listening to and enjoying music.


Header image by Vishnu R Nair.